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                                                                         Last updated: 2/26/2017

The headquarters of all the Christian denominations is the Holy Bible.

Bible Verses
Below is less than 100 sentences from the Bible which is the Word of God.  You can read the verses within 20 minutes or look at the link below to hear the audio versions of the verses.

Mathew 5:37,  23:9, 28:19-20 

James 5:12

John 1:12,     3:3,   6:47,48,49,50,51     8:31,32  10:27,28,29,30
Hebrew 3:13,  4:12,  6:4,5,6

Ephesians 4:1,2

Acts 2:38

Mark 16:15,16,17

Mathew 28:18,19,20

Genesis 1:29,30

1 Corinthians 9:24 - 27

Matthew 6:19-20, 13-44

James 3:1

Matthew 23:8

John 1:1

Matthew 7:20

Matthew 12:50

There's approximately over 25,000 Christian denominations already.  It would be logical that we don't need additional Christian denominations.
Christians are supposed to love the sinners, and hate the sin. We think.

To do something that's impossible, first you should believe and have faith that it can be done and God wants it to be done then you go and start doing little bits that you can do and get in contact others that believe the same as you do, and if needed, pray to God for help if you need it. If God is in favor of it, it's highly likely that it will happen.

Links to YouTube videos of High Hopes:

For a really good photograph of the heavens, go to NASA site by going to: 
Just lean your head towards the left and look at it.
This is a link to the Hubble Telescope page, official from NASA. 

Also check out M31.

If you have no accessibility to a bible, you can find free online audio bibles/text bibles/concordances at

There needs to be more truth in the political arena. More Christians running for office could change that.

The mustard seed has been planted.  It's up to you to decide if you want to squash it or cultivate it out.  However, do things peacefully.

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