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                                                                                       Updated 4/28/2017

When you hear the sound of rolling thunder, when the sky is clear of clouds, it's noticed that the party month of August is approaching!

Month of May 2017

Pre-register for "Who Wants to Be A Millionaire" -must send self addressed stamped envelope to:
Attn: Mr. McKinney
117 Main Street
Bruno, MN 55712
Attn: Allen McKinney
111 Main Street
Bruno, MN 55712
Attn: Allen McKinney
General Delivery
Bruno, MN 55712
Attn: The Truth News/McKinney/Danceland
General Delivery
Kerrick, MN 55756

Include self addressed stamped envelop and a one paragraph on why you should be selected for the contest.
Entries should be received before August 1, 2017.
Ten entries will be selected for the Who Wants to Be a Millionaire Contest.
Must be willing to sign papers to be on TV.
Must be able to be present on August 2017  Woodstock Party.

Month of June 2017

Coin Treasure Hunt.  Bring your own metal detector.  Will be held in Minnesota, USA.

Party Month of August 2017

August 3-14th, 2017: Stugis, SD  Open party for people that like to be in the wind surrounded by many small, private parties that require an invitation.

August 18-21st, 2017:

"Where old school meets new school"
--Party of August 18-21 will be a combination of all the foregoing parties
-The members of the US Parliament Party (
-Woodstock Party of 1969 Reunion Party
-National Old Style Come Together
-Jam 1988 Reunion Party
-Late/Early Christmas Party
-Danceland Minnesota Reunion Party
-A&J Woodstock of 1988 Reunion Party
-1967 Minnetonka Minnesota Graduating Party Reunion
-Reunion Party for Al's Parties of Excelsior, Minnesota

VIP Guests
VIP Guests can bring up to 10 guests.
Every person named Angel in every group of Angels ,to include but not limited to, the Guardian Angels, LA Angels, Charlie's Angels, etc.
   The Three Muskateers
   Batman &  Mr. B  & 
   Robin Bird/Blue Jay  & 
   Big Cat in the Trees &
   Their Attorneys 
   The Shadow L. Lake
   Coke Brothers  &
   Chong & the Partygoers of Highland  &
   Robin and the Hoods  &
   The Merry Men from Shorewood,  Minnesota in the 1950's and    1960's  
-The people and the best things from the best homegrown event from Duluth, Minnesota.
-The sun on the beach parties after dark at Excelsior, Minnesota.
-Reunion Party for the Field Parties of Excelsior, Minnesota
-Hopefully, Woodstock Victory Party (All rolled into one gigantic party of the Century) The Light Show will be something to remember the rest of your life.
-A & J Woodstock Party-Part C
   National Pow Wow
   Kent University
   May 4, 1970 Renion
   The Real A Team
   Georgetown Law School Grads Reunion
   Mr. T
   The Man With the Most Pull on Earth
   Jive Express
   Beach Boys
   Krystal Ax
   Night Mare
   Nelson White
   Rex & The No Goods
   Bad Lands
   Del Counts
   Molly and the Haymakers
   Mick Justion of Eclipse Concerts
   The Son
   Rolling Stones
-There will be a private party for the stockholders.
-There will be a birthday party for everybody that was born on December 24 or 25, and January 6 or 7.
-The people from Standing Rock peaceful demonstration
-Alan's Coming Out Party.
-FREE food and drink for the invited guests.
-Bands from all over the country will be there.
-There will a door prize.  To some lucky winner: 100 grand.
-There will be a game played of who wants to become a millionaire.
-There will be a game of let's make a deal.  Trading the gift that you don't like with someone else who didn't like theirs.
-There will be multiple roasts-possibly an elephant roast, wild horses, cattle, donkeys, chickens, turkeys, and maybe an onager or two.  So please leave your pets at home if you don't want them to get roasted.
-Invited guests are from the parties above.  They can bring one additional guest.
NO tickets will be sold anywhere for this event)

August 18, 19, 20, & 21, 2017.

Party Events
Every party goer:
1.  Is required to bring one gift for the gift exchange.  Please no gag gifts.
2.  Required to be non violent at the party site.
3.  Respect the opinions of ALL party goers.
4.  If you must be violent, then take off the gloves and do it old school.  Take it outside of the party zone.
5.  During the two minutes of Memorial Service for the King, please no talking out loud, but you can dance if you want to.
6.  Bring some food and drink of your choice.  Enough for you and some others in case you're too far from the food line or the party goes on longer than the scheduled date.
7.  100% police up after yourself when the party's done.  If you brought it or made it properly take care of your shit so that Mother and others won't be upset on how the party site is left. (Mother Earth)
8. Love and Peace should be brought.
9. Bring your own Potluck.  Bring enough water for yourself and two others for 5 days.
10.  Clothing optional section.
11.  There may not be electricity.  Bring enough for phones, cameras, etc.
12. Bring pot to share.

Columbia, Missouri 113,000
Columbia, South Carolina 132,000
Grand Island, Nebraska 50,000
Greenville, South Carolina 61,000
Hopkinsville, Kentucky 33,000
Idaho Falls, Idaho 58,000
Jefferson City, Missouri 43,000
Paducah, Kentucky 25,000
Saint Joseph, Missouri 77,000
Salem, Oregon 157,000
Atlanta 97 percent
Boston 63 percent
Chicago 87 percent
Cincinnati 91 percent
Dallas 76 percent
Denver 92 percent
Detroit 79 percent
Houston 67 percent
Indianapolis 91 percent
Las Vegas 72 percent
Los Angeles 62 percent
Memphis 93 percent
Miami 78 percent
Milwaukee 83 percent
Minneapolis 83 percent
New Orleans 75 percent
New York City 72 percent
Oklahoma City 84 percent
Philadelphia 75 percent
Phoenix 63 percent
Pittsburgh 81 percent
Portland 99 percent
Salt Lake City 91 percent
Seattle 92 percent
Washington, D.C. 81 percent

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