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The following is a list of issues that you can ask your politician their position on each issue; what they've done in the past in regards to their views and, if elected, what they will do to promote their position in the future: Have them post their answers on youtube under oath of purgery, so that what they're saying is true and correct. Have them post the title accordingly from what state they are in, political position, etc. So when they post it, a resident of that state or party could just type it in and have them find it more easily.

Please do things peacefully and with love of "our Uncle Sam".


Guide for Reading the List:


         Sub. Issues

             Solutions/ facts

Different ways for the Government to make more money

  • Audit the IRS and find the misplaced money.
  • Charge the Federal Reserve more money (Taxes) for doing business.
  • Have a tip hotline that offers a % of the money    that is recovered that people/politicians have . stolen/ unjustly gotten from the government.
  • Tax illegal incomes.
  • Make higher fines for braking the law.
  • Make prisoners work more to pay for the prison system.
  • Make drugs legal, then regulate and tax them.
    • But; if this is done , educate the public of the dividing line between use, and abuse is needed first.
    • Or make alcohol illegal as well.
  • Sell some more land that the Government has, at public auctions. So it can be taxed.
  • Put limits on how much land nonprofit org can have tax exempt.
  • Have the internet people collect sales tax, for the government.
  • Put a 1 cent tax on each e-mail sent and for that revenue to only go to the United States Post Office to subsidize its rural offices to keep them from closing.  This would also help to cut down spam e-mail.
  • Selling off territories of the US and possibly even states to the highest bidder to pay down the national debt.
  • It should be a criminal offense, if someone employs an illegal alien, not just a fine, regardless if you are a corporation or not. They could receive a $250,000  fine but they would end up gaining more. You have to ruin the incentive so people don't employ them.
  • Simple flat tax.
  • Take the assets from the rich to pay the National Debt.
  • About 50 cent per gallon extra Federal tax on gasoline and 20% of those funds are only to be used on additional road repairs.  Another 20% to be used for safe bicycle paths and trails.  (This would also help with pollution issues.)  Another 20%to be used for research on renewable, alternative fuels.  Another 20% should be used for research into new medicines at colleges. The remaining 20% to be used to manage the funds.
  • For the different lottery sales, fully post how much revenue there is and where the money is distributed along with the amounts that are distributed.

Different ways for the Government to (save/ spend less) money:

  • Have the Federal Reserve lower the interest rate for loans to the Federal Government. 
  • Cut back/out programs that do not work.
  • Have the Federal Government buy back the Federal Reserve.
  • Have the USA Government take over the Federal Reserve in the interest of National Security.
  • Build a rock wall around the us to keep aliens out and have some other place pay for it. Ex, the Berlin wall.
  • Disbanding the Welfare Fund, Social Security, SSI, and Veteran's Benefits, and use 90% of that money for minimum wage program  Use the other 10% for the funding of the programs that was disbanded by allowing those to stay in the military barracks and supply the food and water and utilities.


  • For the Government to have web sites teaching the dividing line between use and abuse for drugs.
    • A drug is any chemical structure that effect the central nervous system of the human . body (like sugar, aspirin, caffeine, and etc.).
  • Pledge of Allegence to God and country in public schools.
  • God and country should not be in public schools!
  • More funding for Public Libraries so they can have college reference books and more areas to study for testing.
  • Better public education for children.
  • Early education in public schools.
  • Refinance for college loans.
  • Affordable college for low income families.
  • Public radio.
  • Teach in public school: a) Gun Control. b)Firearm Safety (These are 2 different issues!)
  • Reading and writing is fundamental to learn and to have knowledge.
  • Knowledge is power.
  • More support for public libraries.  The future needs more help.
  • Diplomas for graduating from school are basically worth the paper they're written on.

Government Laws:

  • Prosecuting elected officials for treason when they aid the enemy of the USA.
  • Prosecuting elected government officials for treason when they aid the enemy of the USA.
  • Pass a law that the Government has to prove that the law does not violate the Constitution before, they pass the law.
  • Drink age of alcohol should be a state by state matter
  • Enforce all laws fully and equally.
  • Expunge laws that are not needed (out dated).
  • Expunge laws that violate the constitution.
  • Jury nullification.
  • Make sure that the common person can understand the dividing line between criminal / legal acts before passing a criminal law.
  • For Citizens to be able to vote a law out.
  • Government Politicians:
    • Term limits for elected Congress people.
    • Have elected politicians prosecuted if they violate the law or constitution.
  • Fully investigate or address and charge the VA for misuse of vets social security numbers.
  • Fully investigate or address and charge the VA for allowing and causing phenethylamine to be dispensed in cafeterias without vets knowledge that it is a controlled substance, and causing their families who also ate there the same thing.
  • Investigate the VA for forcing vets to sign documents that are not true. Especially the Minneapolis VA.
  • What is the minimum that must be done for the war on terrorism?
  • Should the IRS be charged with terrorism for terrorizing citizens.
  • The U.S.A citizens are two classes of people. The ones who the law applies to and ones who it doesn't apply to.
  • Stop politicians from calling things war.
  • Charge congress that voted for Title 21 section 8 13 be charged with treason.
  • Prosecute War profiteers.
  • A one time limited amnesty for illegal aliens that are in the U.S.A, provided they surrender to authorities on their own, and they have not committed any constitutional violations of the law, and that they also turn in ten other aliens that have not came forth yet, and they provide evidence that would convict them in a court. For which they would receive a place in the Immigration process on the back of the line. Any illegal aliens that do not surrender be subject to prosecution and if convicted they would serve their time in prison underneath the 13th amendment thus being slaves.
  • Use Ellis Island to process immigrants, and if limited room, use Puerto Rico.
  • Starting 2017, stiffer offenses for child molestation such as castration or execution.
  • Higher sentences if Gov. officials violate a law. They have no excuse for that.
  • Make only laws that a common person can understand between, according to the Supreme Court. Otherwise it would violate the constitution.
  • Eliminate the sovereignty for the rest of the Indian Nations in the United States.
  • Obamacare.
  • Help President Trump locate and prosecute government people that commit treason and/or abuse of power by reporting their activities to the government so that they can fully get their day in court.
  • The idea of torturing war criminals is OK if you start with government officials suspected of war crimes.

Government Programs:

  • Phase out the programs that do not work.
  • Illegal immigrants.
  • Slow down Illegal Immigrants coming to the USA, by passing a law that is a criminal offense to employ a Illegal Immigrant.
  • Allow us citizens to give property or land to sovereign Indian Nations, peacefully.
  • A one world government.
  • Restart the US draft, do it similar to how Israel does it. Everyone serves, blinds, cripples, etc.
  • To have more checks and balances for the federal and state government.

 Food & Drug: 

  • Allow people serving our country and those attending college to apply for a permit to drink. They would lose their permit if they violate the terms of the permit and face criminal charges.  Example: Test them on basic info regarding drinking and safe practices before they drink.
  • What is the minimum that must be done to win the war on drugs?
  • Socialize medicine for the U.S.A.
  • Stop the war on drugs.
  • Disbanding the DEA and start a new agency to go after people who commit treason against the USA.
  • Prosecute people in alcohol and tobacco business if they violate Title 21 U.S.C. 813.  Note, tobacco and alcohol is exempt from the controlled substance act, but they are not exempt from what they put into tobacco and into alcohol. If what they put in follows under title 21 USC section 813, they should be prosecuted. 
  • Legal action should be taken against the food part of Food and Drug for chocolate manufacturers who use substances that violate title 21 USC 813, including phenethylamine.  See 79F3D 105.  Please check with the Food & Drug Administration to see what chocolate has the phenethylamine (PEA).  It appears that manufacturers are no longer putting this information on labels.  
  • A lot US currency has a detectable amount of a controlled substance on them.  To be law abiding, if you get new bills from a bank you can be sure you are not violating Federal Law of being in possession of a controlled substance.
  • Remove marijuana from the Federal Controlled Substance List.

 POW's/ MIA's:

  • Have the Government Fully investigate, address and correct the matter of POW's / MIA's and for them to be returned home to their families.
  • There is over 50,000 POW's / MIA's.
  • Arrange for the release of POW's so they can go home.
  • For the release of U.S.A citizens, POWS who are nonviolent.
  • End the Korean War (the Korean War is still ongoing.)

Prisons / Prisoner's:

  • Get the innocent people out of prison.
  • Make USA Citizen prisoners 100% tax exempt if the government is not going to let them vote, it would only right.
  • Make sure innocent people do not go to prison. (
  • Pardon & Release of Leonard Peltier!
  • Rehabilitation for U.S.A prisoners.
  • Have an innocent program work also on cases that violate our Constitution.

Slavery in the USA:

  • Make the Slave of the USA prisoners.    
    • The 13th Amendment of the Constitution says "Neither slavery nor involuntary servitude, except as a punishment for crime whereof the party shall have been duly convicted, shall exist within the United States, or any place subject to their jurisdiction."

Taxes & Money:

  • Make sure that the taxes are fair.
  • Take off " In God We Trust" in USA currency and insert "In the Government We Trust."
  • Legalize prostitution in each state in certain counties and tax it heavily with a Sin Tax.
  • The compound upon interest upon compound interest on the national debt.
  • The U.S.A is becoming a two class system, the super wealthy and the super poor.
  • Welfare.
  • No taxation without representation for U.S.A citizens.
  • U.S.A to file bankruptcy.
  • Have the U.S.A Treasury print about 25 trillion dollars and have the government get the money right from Treasury.
  • Canceling out us dollars and reissuing new money like we did in Vietnam for the US servicemen.
  • Going to only an electronic money for the USA.

Term Limits:

  • Term limits for elected governors, elected government people and appointed heads of departments within the government.
  • No pork bellying/bundling for Congress.


  • Voting is a Right, not a privilege.
  • Voting ID for Citizens.  The government put it on to the driver license or state ID card. They could also . pay the expense, if the person could not afford it.  No electronic voting machines, only hard copy votes.
  • Be careful during elections, the Vice President can become President if something happens.  For example, after Hindenburg died, Hitler became head of Germany and he went after the handicapped and mentally retarded people to save the country money.  Then he went after the Gypsies and Jewish people, turning his non productive country into a superpower.  He did it on the backs of his country people and those he took over.
  • To have political debates done underneath Title 18 U.S.C 1621 Oath of Perjury.
  • Having more truth and honesty from politicians and appointed officials.
  • Electronic Voting Machines can be rigged easily by those who have the credentials and hackers, and the general public would never know. Hard copy votes are harder to rig.
  • Absentee Ballots; have it that if a person is a US Citizen and a Taxpayer, if they vote by Absentee Ballot, even if they mail it a month before the election and its legible. If the post office can't get it there on time, that vote will not count.
  • Proportional Representation voting. See for more information.
  • For the Federal Government to seize the federal reserve and prosecute those who were in control of it at the time. 
  • Take away the sovereignty of each and every state in the United States.
  • People that are not U.S.A citizens shall not vote.
  • In the U.S.A, only U.S.A citizens that pay taxes have the right to vote.
  • Mandatory voting for US citizens for government elections.
  • Absentee ballots should be considered filed on the date they are postmarked.  (Ex. Houston vs. Lack 487US 266)
  • Ban electronic voting U.S.A/State elections.
  • Congress should only voting on one matter/issue at a time.
  • Government debates should be done underneath penalty of purgery.
  • All U.S. Citizens that pay any type of tax should have the right to vote; to include but not limited to, sales tax, property tax, income tax, inheritance tax, licensing tax, etc.
  • Any U.S.A. Citizen that is barred from voting should be 100% exempt from taxes to include, but are not limited to people under the age of 18.
  • Eliminate electoral college voting; modify electoral collage voting; leave electoral college voting alone. 
  • Should the electoral college be modified or changed or left untouched?
  • Should there be more oversight or less oversight of the government elections?

Additional Issues:

  • Small US Farmers problems.
  • Where is the dividing line between justice and not justice?  Where is the dividing line between substantially similar and not substantially similar?  For U.S.C. 802 sub 32.
  • Where is the dividing line between we and not we for the U.S.A. Constitution?
  • To take assets away from the Jewish people in Germany like they did in the 30's and 40's.
  • To take assets away from Christians like the Romans did to pay for the National Debt.
  • Mandatory seat belt laws for adults should be lifted, even though its a proven fact that people died by cause of their seat belt. Ex car catches on fire, or going into a river or lake. Why aren't seat belt laws on buses and limos and motorcycles?
  • The Federal agencies and agents are not above federal law.
  • Mandatory body cameras for all officers in the U.S.A that can't be turned off by them, nationwide.
  • Mandatory squad cameras in all police vehicles that cannot be turned off by police officers, nationwide.
  • Justice in the U.S.A is spelled j-u-s-t-i-c-e, not "Just Us".
  • It’s better to sweat in peace than bleed in war
  • Mandatory helmet law for adult motorcycle riders.
  • Equality all of all USA citizens.
  • Investigate the FBI Director and some of the FBI agents for treason to include, but not limited to the email situation.
  • No taxation of U.S.A State citizens without representation.
  • Save the environment.
  • Quit fighting global warming.
  • Physician assisted suicide.
  • For those who knew about Wells Fargo and violated 18 U.S.C. 4, they should be criminally prosecuted by 18 U.S.C 4.
  • Any elected government official appointed Director appointment that violates 18 U.S.C 792, and 50 U.S.C 1541-1548, should be prosecuted.
  • Pardon and clemency for Dr. Samuel Alexander Mudd. (December 20, 1833 - January 10, 1883. American physician that was imprisoned.
  • Pardon and clemency for participants in Standing Rock in Title 21 8-13.
  • Pardon and clemency for Leonard Peltier. (
  • Build a wall around the entire United States at least 12 feet higher than sea level with the capability of adding another section up to 100 feet tall, if needed-but call it a dyke to prevent water in case of global warming.
  • Bulldoze a 5 mile swath around the United States and post a No Trespassing sign and have live fire armed security.
  • Government to exercise: a)Justice. b) Just us.
  • When there's no liberty in the United States, should the Statue of Liberty go back to whomever made it?
  • Understanding how the swamps in Washington DC came to be before draining it.  Understanding how the swamps in Pine County, MN came to be.  Drain the swamp in Pine County, MN.
  • Fully investigate and fully address the people who stole stocks, tapes, and other information from Pets Inc.
  • Investigate the Crossroads Episode in Minnesota.
  • Dark energy, dark matter, dark money, dark people, dark spots.
  • Save the creatures of the swamp, put them into cages so PETA won't get upset.
  • Fully investigate Senator Paul Wellstone's death for a murder case.
  • When there's a lack of liberty in the United States, should we send the Statue of Liberty back to where it came from? And melt down the Liberty Bell?
  • Samuel Mudd 12/20/1833 - 1/10/1883 should have new trial from indictment to conviction posthumously.
  • Leonard Peltier should get a fair, with justice new trial from indictment to the end.
  • Allen H. McKinney should get a fair, with justice new trial from indictment to the end.
  • Investigate the Pine County Sheriff's Depart for the Crossroads Matter of 1916.
  • Fully investigate Pine County for their handling of foreclosed property in Pine County, MN.

Live each day of your life with a balance: that each day might be last, but the realization that it won't be your last for some time.

Other Issues
Please do things peacefully. 

Time is short, so please fax, text, tweet, email, and call as many people as you can to inform them of this website.  Example: if one person tells two others, and each of them tells two people for 30 days, over 100 million people would be notified.  If you could notify 10 people after viewing this, and they contacted 10 others, over 100 million US citizens can be informed quicker than 30 days.

Good or bad, President Trump is our leader. Give him a hand by informing him of politicians, past or current, and appointed officials, that have committed treason and/or war profiteering, etc.

For more information go to the following: (they are calling for the end of the war on drugs)

The Truth News established 1993.

"The Emperor Wears No Clothes"
"Supreme Court Books; US, S.CT.LED's (1st & 2nd Series)"
"18 U.S.C. 1621 - Penalty of Purgery"
"21 USC 813 "
"21 USC 1813 802 (32)"
"Washington's Farewell"
"79F3D  117S.ST"
"Title 18 U.S.C. Section 4"
"Poor Richard's Almanac" by Benjamin Franklin
"George Washington's Farewell" by John Avlon
   Appendix pg. 289-305
"Symposium" by Plato
"Symposium ad" by Phardrus/Plato
"Dark Money"

If you forget about the past, the past is doomed to repeat itself.  So it's important to understand the events that caused those events to happen.  For example October 24-29, 1929, and October 19, 1987.  The crashes of the stock market.

As you see by the photos on this site, it took many soldiers to give us our rights and our freedoms.  Don't forget those that sacrificed their lives for our freedom.

For additional resources for information:

The Truth News - Established 1993
Minnesota Public Radio/Podcasts
National Public Radio

Note:  Each State has their own Constitution and Amendments.  There is a different one for the Federal government.  They don't always read the same way, but should mean the same thing.

Sample Politician Letter
This is an example letter:

Dear (Political Party),

We request that your party forward the attached request to each and every politician that is running for your party.
Please do so ASAP.
The request is to each and all your candidates:

Dear Elected Politician,

We, the Citizens of the United States of America, would like to know your full position on issues.  The issues are listed on www., listed under Issues.
You are asked to state: what you have done in the past and your current position and what will you do on each of the issues found on  If you do not have a position on issues, please state which way you're leaning and why.  We also ask in your response (swear, certify, affirm) that the statement you made is true and correct, under penalty of purgery (18 U.S.C. 1621) . 
Please post your audio/video statement on YouTube as soon as possible, and list the your full name, what office you were elected to, and from what party you are associated with.
Us voters deserve to know your position.  Please handle this ASAP!
Thank you in advance for helping the United States of America citizens to KNOW YOU BETTER!



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